Export Control

Prior to exporting goods and technology from Canada, Canadians must determine whether the goods to be exported are subject to export restrictions or other requirements.

The restrictions apply in varying degrees depending on the nature of the product (“controlled goods” included on the Export Control List), the destination country (if it is included on the Area Control List) and its intended end use. Items may include goods incorporating cryptographic or encrypted data.

The Export and Import Permits Act authorizes the Minister of Foreign Affairs to issue to any resident of Canada a permit to export items included on the Export Control List or to a country included on the Area Control List.

Having received specialized training from the U.S. Department of Commerce in Export Management Compliance Programs, Ron is uniquely qualified to:

  • evaluate a client’s particular situation;
  • provide advice with respect to export & import restrictions;
  • help identify controlled goods as well as exceptions;
  • assist clients in export permit applications;
  • provide in-house consulting and training to administrators & managers as required.

Ron also works with highly effective foreign associates to assist with export controls & sanction programs in the US.


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